What are the advantages of water filtration
What are the advantages of water filtration?
January 12, 2019
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What is water filtration about?

What is water filtration about

Water filtration is a process of removing impurities that are potentially harmful to health. Tap water is purified in water treatment stations using, among others, chlorine, which can cause unpleasant smell and aftertaste. In addition, water covers long distances from water supply networks, which are not always in perfect condition. Along the way, it can therefore be mechanically contaminated with rust or sand, coming for example from an old installation; it can also contain harmful heavy metals (such as lead or copper). Therefore, to obtain clean, healthy water with a neutral smell and the best taste, filtering devices such as jugs and bottles have been created. Water filtration also reduces its hardness, thanks to which no distasteful sediment appears on drinks. Moreover, kitchen appliances (e.g. kettles or coffee makers) do not require descaling and cleaning as often as while using regular tap water. This extends the life of household appliances, bringing additional benefits from the use of filtered water.

What is the filtration process itself?

Tap water, which is poured into a filtering jug, flows through a removable filter. Filters in Dafi jugs contain activated carbon and ion exchange resin. Thanks to these mechanical impurities up to 0.5 microns, as well as chemical impurities like chlorine and its derivatives, disturbing the smell and taste of tap water, heavy metals, organic pollutants, herbicides and pesticides, are all removed from water. At the same time, filters do not block elements beneficial to the human body, such as sodium or potassium, so they do not cause water demineralization (sterilization). On the contrary, they can even mineralize water, enriching it with magnesium ions (MineralUp filters). The filters should be replaced regularly, every month, which guarantees that the water will be clean, healthy, tasty and free of chlorine odor.

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