What is water filtration about
What is water filtration about?
January 2, 2019
How long does it take to filter water in a jug
How long does it take to filter water in a jug?
January 15, 2019
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What are the advantages of water filtration?

What are the advantages of water filtration

The quality of tap water has improved significantly in recent years, thanks to the modernization of the treatment stations. But can we be sure that water from our taps is still high quality and free of impurities, as it is at the time of its purification? In fact we do not know the quality of water supply system through which the water is flowing to our homes. What is more, large distances water has to cover from the water collection point, make the quality guarantee even less doubtful – we can never be sure that there will be no pollution in water again e.g. mechanical pollution, like sand.

Home water filters and jugs are the answer to such doubts. Water filtration at home offers many benefits, both pro-health and economic. First of all, it cleans water from these pollutants that could get to it on the way to our kitchens, like rust and sludge from pipes or taps. It eliminates chlorine residual, its aftertaste and smell, preserving, however, microelements that are beneficial to the human body (e.g. potassium, important for the proper functioning of the heart and the circulatory system). We therefore receive safe drinking water, without having to boil it.

Filtering reduces the level of water hardness, so that no stone sediment appears on the drinks, spoiling their taste and appearance and remaining on dishes. In addition, devices in which we use water, such as kettles, coffee makers or irons do not require descaling and cleaning, which extends their lifetime and facilitates everyday activities (e.g. we avoid staining of clothes during ironing, when steam comes out of the iron). This concerns using humidifiers or inhalers, too. Using filtered water in these devices means we use clean, healthy water that does not have the smell of chlorine, and lime residue will not break the device. Let’s not forget about economic value. Dafi jugs and bottles are reusable and the filters are fully biodegradable. We no longer need to buy bottled water, so we reduce the production of waste, especially plastic, which has a positive impact on home budget. Buying one filter and using tap water is many times cheaper than buying mineral water in the store.

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