How long does it take to filter water in a jug
How long does it take to filter water in a jug?
January 15, 2019
Tap water filtering - what is worth knowing
Tap water filtering – what is worth knowing?
January 26, 2019
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Water filter – how to use it?

Water filter - how to use it

Modern water jugs are very easy to use and the process of preparing healthy, clean water is very intuitive and easy.

Jugs are made of two types of material – glass or plastic, have a different capacity (from 2 to 4 litres); they also differ in colour and design, so that they can be adapted to virtually any interior. They are durable and will serve us for many years. Filters can have various additional functions. The most important, however, is their regular monthly exchange, thanks to which we will be sure that the quality and purity of water is at the highest level.

The kind of jug we use depends only on our taste and habits. Both plastic and glass jugs are made of the highest quality materials, new ones, not coming from recycling, meeting the highest quality and safety standards. The filters are universal, which means that we can choose a filter from a whole range of offered products for a given jug depending on our needs at the moment. Standard filters provide excellent purification of tap water from chemical and mechanical impurities, leaving water safe to drink, containing only beneficial micronutrients and elements, while reducing the level of hardness. This has a beneficial effect on the taste and appearance of beverages (no floating sludge) and reduces scale deposition in the equipment.

If we particularly care for household appliances in our homes, the AntiLime filter is a great solution, offering an increased degree of water hardness reduction by removing excess calcium and magnesium salts from the water. It makes the devices, to which we pour purified water, serve us longer and not require frequent cleaning (no lime residue in the kettle or iron). The filters can also additionally mineralize water by enriching it with magnesium ions (MineralUp filter), thereby supplementing its deficiencies in the body. We can also choose the alkaline-generating filters that increase the pH of the water and give it a negative oxidation-reduction potential and remove the highest degree of chlorine and organic pollutants, making it the best alternative for bottled waters (AlkalineUp).

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