Water filter - how to use it
Water filter – how to use it?
January 19, 2019
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Tap water filtering – what is worth knowing?

Tap water filtering - what is worth knowing

Considering buying a filtering jug for your home, it’s worth getting acquainted with the possibilities offered by such products.

Currently, two main types of filter dishes are offered: jugs and bottles. Jugs are ideal solutions for every kitchen; they are durable, aesthetic, available in many colours, different capacities and designs, glass or plastic. We can easily choose the ideal product. Bottles are relatively new on the market, giving the ability to filter water also outside in a very fast and convenient way. Jugs can be equipped with various filters, depending on our expectations. A standard filter will ensure perfect cleaning of water from any impurities, will improve the taste and smell of water, eliminating the chlorine residual and its derivatives, and will reduce the level of water hardness. For more demanding users, filters with additional functions have been created: especially for household appliances (thanks to a higher water hardness reduction level), mineralizing water into valuable magnesium ions (preventing deficiencies of this important element in the body) or raising the pH of water and giving it negative potential oxidation-reducing. Thanks to all of these, filters are the best alternative for bottled water available in stores. The filters can be changed thanks to the universal shape that fits different types of jugs.

The filtering bottle, made of plastic, with an ergonomic shape, is also available in various capacities (from 0.3 to 0.7 litres) and colours. Each bottle is equipped with an individual filter, so you can take it with you for a walk, to the gym or work and fill it with water from any tap. The quality and purity of water will be the same as when using a jug, i.e. the water will be free of chemical and mechanical impurities, odorless and always tasty. It is an extremely practical, but also fashionable product, with ecological and pro-health character.

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