What are the advantages of water filtration
What are the advantages of water filtration?
January 12, 2019
Water filter - how to use it
Water filter – how to use it?
January 19, 2019
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How long does it take to filter water in a jug?

How long does it take to filter water in a jug

Purifying water at home has become a reality in millions of households recently. It has numerous benefits, especially health benefits (tap water is thoroughly cleaned just before the moment it is consumed or used for cooking, does not contain harmful substances or mechanical impurities, and at the same time it is not demineralised, and thus contains microelements and elements friendly to the body), but it is also practical. Water can be prepared at any time and in any quantity, without producing kilograms of waste in the form of plastic or glass bottles. We do not have to remember to buy bottled water in the sufficient quantity. What is also important, not only for drinking, but also for cooking or household appliances, we can use the highest quality water, without the smell of chlorine and impurities and without having to carry multi-litre bottles.

How to prepare water in a Dafi jug? The tap water should be poured into a jug so that it flows through a special filter containing activated carbon and ion exchange resin, which removes all impurities. After placing a new filter or its monthly replacement and preparation of a jug, filling it with water each time takes only a few minutes. Users should only remember to filter tap water twice with a new filter, and then pour it out. Then all they do is pouring water into the jug. The filtered water is collected in a jug and is ready for further use or direct consumption. Dafi jugs have different capacities, from 2 to even 4 litres, so their filling time may vary, but it is an extremely simple and fast process.

Also, replacing the filter itself does not take a lot of time. Modern jugs have indicators (manual or LED), reminding you to replace the filter. The filter just needs to be removed from the packaging and put in a jug, the used filter is biodegradable, and so it has no harmful effect on the environment after being discarded.

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