Tap water filtering – what is worth knowing?

Considering buying a filtering jug for your home, it’s worth getting acquainted with the possibilities offered by such products.

Currently, two main types of filter dishes are offered: jugs and bottles. Jugs are ideal solutions for every kitchen; they are durable, aesthetic, available in many colours, different capacities and designs, glass or plastic.

How long does it take to filter water in a jug?

Purifying water at home has become a reality in millions of households recently.

It has numerous benefits, especially health benefits (tap water is thoroughly cleaned just before the moment it is consumed or used for cooking, does not contain harmful substances or mechanical impurities, and at the same time it is not demineralised, and thus contains microelements and elements friendly to the body), but it is also practical.

What are the advantages of water filtration?

The quality of tap water has improved significantly in recent years, thanks to the modernization of the treatment stations.

But can we be sure that water from our taps is still high quality and free of impurities, as it is at the time of its purification? In fact we do not know the quality of water supply system through which the water is flowing to our homes.

Choose the best pitchers for your home!


Standard cartridge consists of a mixture of active carbon and ion resin.

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Cartridge removes chlorine taste and odor, herbicides and pesticides from the tap water thanks to active carbon.

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